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Italian food at its best

In just over three months, Pocino’s in Myaree has already made a name for itself as an authentic trattoria
serving fresh Italian cuisine made with love by owner and head chef, Maurizio Pocino.

“The other night we had a table of eight people come in,” Maurizio tells Herald Dining.

“One of the gentlemen told me his mother, who was born in Italy, called him excitedly to say she had finally found an authentic trattoria in Perth which reminded her of home.”

When the man had finished his meal, he made a point to tell Maurizio that in a few months the restaurant may be too small, because people will be coming from everywhere to try his delicious food.

Maurizio’s signature dish is a delectable squid ink pasta.

A lot of love goes into this famous dish and watching the chef make it in the kitchen is like watching an artist painting his masterpiece.

“I wanted to invent something new in the kitchen and bring together the flavours which I love,” Maurizio said, as he deftly mixed spices in a hot frying pan.

“I love squid ink pasta combined with sweet cherry tomatoes and Shark Bay

crab - they’re both big flavours. I add my own home-made basil paste to give it an extra kick, but the garlic, chilli and olive oil make it very delicate at the same time.”

The dish tastes and looks incredible; popping with bright reds and greens.

The pasta is cooked al dente and the sweet tomatoes burst in your mouth with every bite. The mixture of the basil paste, chilli and crab meat are heavenly. It’s a dish you must try.

Australians can’t get enough seafood and with the warmer weather finally here, the seafood-based dishes are flying out the door.

“We sell a lot of fish and seafood here,” Maurizio says.

“Our customers love the Paccheri al Ragu di Pesce because you get to try everything in one bowl like the Barramundi, prawns and squid. I make everything from scratch here so you can expect the finest and freshest ingredients.”

Maurizio was born in Roma where he completed his apprenticeship as a chef.

Since moving to Australia twelve years ago he has worked in many restaurants around Perth, including Sunmoon, a four-star resort in Scarborough.

“I’m getting older now,” Maurizio laughed.

“I wanted to do something for myself and I love to engage with my own customers.

“Every night I make sure I go to each table and ask them about their experience.”

You can expect a relaxed family atmosphere at Pocino’s Italian Trattoria, which Maurizio has worked hard to create and maintain.

“There’s no fuss here,” he says.

“You can feel at home eating our simple dishes made with love.”

Article and Photos by Matthew Eeles