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It’s time to get into the Spirit

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You should know it won’t be your last...

THIS Thai restaurant on Riseley Street in Ardross is so good that some people can’t even wait 24 hours to eat there again.

“We’ve had a few customers who have come to eat twice on the same day,” says chef Khun Arm.

“They come with different people because they’re excited to share our food with their friends and family.

“On the weekends our restaurant is full of customers, including many regulars.”

The dining room is immaculate for such a vast space and has a bright and breezy atmosphere.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy the best Thai food in Perth.

“My two favourite dishes to cook in the kitchen are the Kha Naa Mu Grob and the Hor Mok Ma Prao which are

both favourites with the customers,” Khun Arm told Herald Dining.

The Hor Mok Ma Prao is an impressive dish.

It’s a large coconut bowl packed with piping-hot steamed fish, plump mussels, tender squid and perfectly cooked prawns, swimming in a rich red curry sauce.

A hint of lemon grass takes the dish to another level and will send your taste buds into a frenzy.

The Hor Mok Ma Prao is crowned with two fresh mussels nestled in their shells.

Once you’ve finished the curry, you can scrape the coconut from the side of the bowl and refresh your palate. Genius.

The Kha Naa Mu Grob is exceptional, and as a lover of pork I can confirm it is one of the best I’ve eaten.

The tender pork medallions are wrapped in the crispiest crackling you’ll ever try, and presented on a bed of al dente Chinese broccoli, stir fried in a sweet and spicy oyster dressing.

I wanted to keep Khun Arm talking so I could continue to devour this heavenly dish.

“We’re often told by our customers that the Massaman Beef Curry is the best they’ve had,” he says proudly.

“Customers often ask to take the sauce away with them in a doggy bag if they haven’t finished it all.”

Summer is a great time to revisit the restaurants you love because it often means an updated menu to suit the season.

“We’ve been working on our summer menu for quite some time and we think our new and returning customers are going to be very pleased with our additions,” says Khun Arm.

“We have more seafood, more oysters and we’re even going to include a seafood dish with a Thai-style dipping sauce on the side.”

But don’t worry the favourite dishes will stay, including the kid-friendly Money Bags and the Thai Fish Cakes, which are both made fresh at the restaurant every day.

“Our purpose is to bring Perth some of the real traditions of authentic
Thai cuisine,” says Khun Arm.

“Our mantra is quite simple: everything we make is prepared fresh
every day.

“I think that should be good enough reason for people to come and try our food.”

We agree. You will not be disappointed.

Article and Photos by Matthew Eeles